The 10 responsibilities of the cyclist

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Let's not forget that cycling is a beautiful sport, but it is essential to emphasize the responsibilities of the cyclist when he takes to the street because living together can be trying at times.

Cycling is a beautiful sport because it blends the coexistence between different vehicles and transportation, and when it comes to traveling on roads and highways a fundental aspect is respect.

The different Traffic Laws of each country tried to put some light on the constant debate about discrepancies between users, and while laying the groundwork for limiting some actions of cars and other motor vehicles, they also emphasized the cyclist's responsibilities. In this list, we summarize the 10 points that should become your 10 cycling commandments.

The 10 obligations of the cyclist

1. Do you know how to use the different roads and spaces? It is easy: by urban route, always by bike lane if it exists, otherwise as close to the right as possible; on interurban roads, also as close to the right as possible or on the shoulder of the road; and in pedestrian areas, get off the bike and become a pedestrian.

2. Consider purchasing a set of lights, because it is mandatory to wear a white front and red rear light. They are very affordable and they make you visible from many meters away.

obligaciones ciclista luces

3. Visibility is fundamental, and not only to see, but to be seen as well. Simply put: if the lack of daylight forces the cars to turn on their lights, you are obliged to wear some reflective clothing.

4. Are you still riding without a helmet? It is one of the most redundant responsibilities of cyclists: in general on interurban roads it is mandatory to wear a helmet but not in urban areas (but it depend on each country). The phrase is overused, but it is a fundamental truth:A bike helmet can save your life.

5. Do you watch a lot of pro competitions and do you think that headphones are fun to use? Well you're wrong, it is strictly prohibited to ride with headphones. Listening (especially on the road) can be crucial en route.

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6. Signaling: signaling your maneuvers and respecting the traffic signals is your complete obligation. Don't think that by going on two wheels you should not stop at a stop sign or at a red traffic light.

7. If you ride in a group, the cyclist's obligations are reduced by respecting the rest, and riding with two people per column maximum. In pairs, always.


obligaciones ciclista grupo

8. Never ride on sidewalks: remember, if there is a bicycle lane, in the bike lane; if it does not exist, on the paved road.

9. Do you like to go fast? Well, not only is it dangerous, but exceeding 45km/h is punishable in most countries. Don't try to recover lost time by speeding excessively: enjoy the descent in a responsible manner.

10. And finally, the biggest doping situation in the cycling world is undoubtedly the beer afterwards. Well consider taking it without alcohol, because it is the cyclist's responsibility to ride completely sober. Behind the steering wheel, or the bike handlebars, zero alcohol.

If you do not respect your obligations as a cyclist, you endanger us all.

This is the fundamental summary. Respect can save you more than €200 and, what is more important, ride safely because you, the cyclist, are the most vulnerable. Finally taking care of the reputation of the cycling community by fulfilling your obligations as a responsible cyclist.



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