Crispy Rice Bars, the recipe that triumphs in the peloton

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The crispy rice squares or 'Rice Krispies' have made several members of the peloton salivate during the Giro d'Italia. Israel Premier Tech is preparing these sugary delights for its riders, although they have already spread beyond the borders of the Israeli team. The recipe consists of three ingredients and requires little preparation time.

The crispy rice squares are causing a sensation: this is the recipe that fuels several riders in the peloton

Nutrition is a vital aspect of professional cycling. Riders need to ingest the correct amount of nutrients, as performance and output on the pedals are closely linked to what they eat. Teams meticulously study how to feed their cyclists and conscientiously prepare a diet that meets the nutritional needs of these elite athletes.

Israel Premier Tech has revealed the recipe that Jon Adams, the team's soigneur, is preparing for the riders during the Giro d'Italia. Moreover, it seems that the preparation has won over the palates of other teams in the peloton, who are now enjoying their own crispy rice squares.

The Rice Krispie Squares have a long tradition in the culinary culture of many Anglo-Saxon countries. To find the origin, one must go back to the 1930s when two Kellogg's employees -Mildred Day and Malitta Jensen- created the recipe from the then newly introduced Rice Krispies.

These squares spread through homes and bakery windows to the point where some professionals started to innovate and reinvent the recipe; among some inventions, ingredients like chocolate, nuts, or peanut butter have been repeatedly included.

Recipe for Crispy Rice Squares (Rice Krispie Squares)

Jon Adams' squares start from the basic recipe and add an extra touch that rounds off the explosion of sweetness in these bites. Israel Premier Tech has shared the steps so anyone can prepare this treat.


  • 60 grams of coconut oil or butter
  • 250 grams of Rice Krispies - the main manufacturer sells them under this name; the package description defines them as 'toasted rice'
  • 300 grams of marshmallows
  • Optional: the team uses 3 Bounty chocolate bars, although any other brand or a few tablespoons of any nut butter can be used


  • Heat the oil and chocolate bars/nut butter. Stir until melted and be careful not to burn the mixture.

  • Add the marshmallows and stir until a homogeneous mixture forms. Turn off the heat.

  • Add the Rice Krispies. The amount can be adjusted to achieve the desired consistency.

  • Place the mixture in a tray lined with parchment paper. Grease your hands with a bit of coconut oil to prevent sticking and press the mixture onto the tray until the layer has the correct thickness.
  • Let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour.
  • Cut into squares and wrap them.

You can find Jon Adams' recipe video at this link.



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