Becking-Alleman take the stage, Schurter-Fini remain leaders and Egger-Baum continue to lose time

Mountain bike 18/03/24 11:27 Migue A.

The Buff Megamo of Hans Becking and Wout Alleman beats Nino Schurter and Sebastian Fini in the final sprint to claim victory in the first stage. The World Bicycle Relief maintains the lead while Georg Egger and Lukas Baum lose another four minutes.

Becking-Alleman conquer the stage after beating Schurter-Fini in the sprint

Beyond the prologue that took place yesterday, today's stage gained importance for being the first stage: an 88-kilometer and 2,450-meter positive elevation gain challenge that culminated with the final ascent to Fanti's Pass. Nino Schurter and Sebastian Fini appeared at the finish line with the yellow jersey that accredited them as the fastest pair in Sunday's time trial and as the first leaders of the race.

The spotlight turned once again to the battle that the main contenders for victory were going to dispute, who, aware of how long and tough a race of these characteristics is, coincided in following a conservative strategy during the early stages. However, as the kilometers passed, the best pairs' quadriceps began to feel the strain, and the leading group lost units as the clock ticked.

The negative side of the coin fell on the legs of Georg Egger and Lukas Baum who gave up too early. Unable to keep up with the other favorites, they lost contact with them when there was still a long way to go.

The pieces of the race gradually fell into place and Schurter and Fini's yellow jerseys were escorted by Beers-Grotts Becking-Alleman and Rabensteiner-Porro; the latter, despite remaining strong as the day began to toughen, the intense pace eventually took its toll. The Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne also had its doubts when Grotts seemed to lose ground and Beers had to help him rejoin the group.

Although Buff Megamo led for much of the day, it was Schurter-Fini who triggered the move that would decide the victory. Alleman responded with military discipline, while Becking fell a few meters behind; time to dig deep and try to survive. The Belgian recovered, closed the gap, and the two pairs met for the final sprint.

Hans Becking and Wout Alleman took the Buff Megamo jersey to the top of the podium when they beat Nino Schurter and Sebastian Fini in the sprint, who suffered a chain break.

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The overall standings are still led by Schurter-Fini, although at this stage of the race, any conclusion would be naive. The first stage has indeed served to consider Becking-Alleman as serious contenders for everything.

The Orbea Leatt Speed Company of Georg Egger and Lukas Baum - who lost almost three minutes in the prologue - showed once again below expectations and will have to make up ground if they want to be in contention.

Cape Epic 2024 Results - Stage 1 - Men's

  1. Hans Becking - Wout Alleman (Buff Megamo) 3h 38' 48"
  2. Nino Schurter - Sebastian Fini (World Bicycle Relief) +2"
  3. Matthew Beers - Howard Groots (Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne) +21"
  4. Fabien Rabensteiner - Samuele Porro (Wilier Vittoria Factory) +42"
  5. Georg Egger - Lukas Baum (Orbea Leatt Speed COmpany) +4'02"
  6. Marc Pritzen - Tristan Nortje (Honeycomb Pro Cycling) +5'03"
  7. Simon Stiebjahn - Jakob Hartmann (Singer Racing) +5'27"
  8. Andreas Seewald - Marc Stutzmann (Canyon SIDI) +6'03"
  9. Martin Stosek - Petr Vakoc (Canyon SIDI 2) +6'51"
  10. Sergio Mantecón - Pawel Bernas (Scott Calabandida-Mazowsze) +6'51"



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