Cape Epic 2024: Beers-Groots debut the yellow jersey with a victory and make a statement in the overall standings

Mountain bike 22/03/24 09:38 Migue A.

Matthew Beers and Howard Groots flex their muscles with the first stage victory. The pair from Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne took on the leading role of the day, got rid of all their rivals, and managed to increase their lead in the general classification to almost three minutes over Schurter-Fini. In the women's category, Anne Terpstra and Nicole Koller remain unbeatable and secure their sixth victory in six days of racing.

Beers-Groots strike again and bring Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne one step closer to the final victory

Just like in the fourth stage, the paths of Wellington once again welcomed the immense peloton of cyclists who take the start in this race every day. The day was presented as a respite - if that can exist in a route like the Cape Epic - after what was experienced yesterday, and the riders faced 70 km and 1,750 meters of positive elevation gain. However, the final stretch of the race always becomes tough, and the intensity of the competition begins to take its toll on the legs.

The race developed quickly due to a Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne that once again had good sensations and took the lead; specifically, it was Matthew Beers who spurred on the pedals and forced his partner Howard Groots to do the same. The pace intensified from very early on, and many riders struggled to maintain the speed that South African Beers had decided to set for the stage.

A strategy that bore fruit in the early stages of the race, although it proved truly successful in the final part. At first, only Schurter-Fini were able to follow their pace, but shortly after, a truce was imposed that allowed other pairs to join the leading group.

The next push left several victims along the way, and only those who showed determination and strength in their legs could match the challenge. Thus, the lead group was made up of four pairs: Beers-Groots, Canyon SIDI, World Bicycle Relief, and the surprising Bulls Mavericks of Simon Schneller and Urs Huber, who were the positive note of the stage.

Schneller-Huber succumbed to an incessant pace. Schurter tried, but without achieving results. And then the moment arrived. Beers pushed again, and despite making it difficult even for his partner, Groots held on, they opened a gap, and they arrived at the finish line alone to confirm the first stage victory.

The Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne is growing in a race that started somewhat unnoticed but now captures all the attention. The feelings transmitted by the pair are good, and they are positioned as the duo to beat in the remaining two days of competition.

The World Bicycle Relief of Schurter-Fini lost almost a minute and keeps their chances alive to conquer the final victory. However, they will need to attack and rely on a tough comeback. On the other hand, Buff Megamo lost ground again and now sees the top position further away, with the threat of a Canyon SIDI on a clear rise. The Orbea Leatt Speed Company of Egger-Baum still hasn't found their best form and are now 20 minutes behind the leaders.

Cape Epic 2024 Results - Stage 5 - Men's

  1. Matthew Beers - Howard Groots (Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne) 2h 46' 09"
  2. Andreas Seewald - Marc Stutzmann (Canyon SIDI) +12"
  3. Nino Schurter - Sebastian Fini (World Bicycle Relief) +57"
  4. Simon Schneller - Urbs Huber (BULLS Mavericks) +2'27"
  5. Fabian Rabensteiner - Samuele Porro (Wilier Vittoria Factory) +3'21"
  6. Hans Becking - Wout Alleman (Buff Megamo) +3'40"
  7. Simon Stiebjahn - Jakob Hartmann (Singer Racing) +3'41"
  8. Roberto Bou - Miguel Muñoz (Klimatiza Toteemi Cabberty) +7'06"
  9. José Días - Enrique Morcillo (Buff Megamo 2) +7'33"
  10. Daniel Geismayr - Jakob Dorigoni

General Classification Cape Epic 2024

  1. Matthew Beers - Howard Groots (Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne) +18h 40' 13"
  2. Nino Schurter - Sebastian Fini (World Bicycle Relief) +2'57"
  3. Hans Becking - Wout Alleman (Buff Megamo) +8'43"
  4. Andreas Seewald - Marc Stutzmann (Canyon SIDI) +11'48"
  5. Georg Egger - Lukas Baum (Orbea Leatt Speed Company) +20'

Ghost Factory Racing remains unbeatable: sixth victory in six days and another blow to the general classification

Anne Terpstra and Nicole Koller are leaving their mark on this Cape Epic: always at the top of the podium after a prologue and no less than five stages. Their six partial victories also place them, logically, as leaders of the general classification, although the equality shown by perhaps the top favorites -Mona Mitterwallner and Candice Lill- has given them an insufficient lead to breathe easy.

The first part of the stage was developed jointly between the Ghost Factory Racing and the Cannondale Factory Racing. Terpstra-Koller were once again the fastest and were able to execute the plan in the final stages; they opened a gap of 11 seconds at kilometer 64 and timidly extended it to 20 seconds at the finish line.

Nevertheless, with less than three minutes of margin, the general classification remains open. The Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne of Sofía Gómez and Samara Sheppard have a tougher challenge, as they once again clocked the third best time.

Cape Epic 2024 Results - Stage 5 - Women's

  1. Anne Terpstra - Nicole Koller (GHOST Factory Racing) 3h 21' 52"
  2. Mona Mitterwallner - Candice Lill (Cannondale Factory Team) +20"
  3. Sofía Gómez - Samara Sheppard (Toyota-Specialzed-NinetyOne) +3'43"
  4. Léna Gérault - Hayley Preen (e-FORT-PrivateClientHoldings) +10'24"
  5. Vera Looser - Alexis Skarda (Efficient Infiniti SCB SRAM) +15'34"
  6. Natalia Fischer - Irina Luetzelschwab (Scott Calabandida-Bulls) +16'43"
  7. Janka Keseg - Martina krahulcova (8capital) +21'43"
  8. Margot Moschetti - Costanza Fascolis (e-FORT-MenteCorpo) +26'23"
  9. Steph Wohlters - Danielle Strydom (Efficient Infiniti Insure) +33'51"
  10. Kelsey Jade Van Schoor - Claudia Krenn (Pirtek) +33'51"

General Classification - Women

  1. Anne Terpstra - Nicole Koller (GHOST Factory Racing) 22h 53' 36"
  2. Mona Mitterwallner - Candice Lill (Cannondale Factory Team) +2'51"
  3. Sofía Gómez - Samara Sheppard (Toyota-Specialzed-NinetyOne) +11'39"
  4. Léna Gérault - Hayley Preen (e-FORT-PrivateClientHoldings) +1h13'29"
  5. Vera Looser - Alexis Skarda (Efficient Infiniti SCB SRAM) +1'20"56"



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