BOSCH presents innovations in its batteries for long distances

eBike 23/02/24 07:00 Migue A.

For those who prioritize autonomy over the rest of the parameters in an e-bike, Bosch launches its new PowerPack 800, the largest capacity in its extensive range, also designed to be used in DualBattery configuration providing impressive duration.

PowerPack 800, the new BOSCH batteries that will take you to infinity and beyond

The most powerful battery in the Bosch range is called PowerPack 800, the latest addition to its range and has a tremendous capacity of 800 Wh. A capacity that, thanks to a higher energy density, around 200 W/kg, ensures that the weight does not skyrocket and remains at a reasonable 3.9 kg.

As a comparison, due to the improvement provided by this higher energy density, the Bosch PowerPack 800 battery has the same dimensions as the PowerPack 725 model and, in fact, uses the same support on the bike as the rest of the Bosch Smart System batteries. A compatibility in the attachment that allows the cyclist to choose to have this PowerPack 800 for facing long distances and a smaller and lighter battery for daily use or shorter routes.

Having all this energy capacity is not only useful for those who face long journeys but also to provide energy to heavier bikes such as Cargo Bikes that are gradually becoming popular as an alternative to cars on city streets.

Thinking about these more demanding uses, Bosch has made these Power Pack 800 compatible with their Dual Battery system so that we can combine the capacities of two batteries to achieve ranges of up to 300 kilometers.

At Bosch, they are also concerned about the safety of their batteries and the fire problems that have been occurring with bike and personal mobility vehicle batteries in recent times. To minimize risks, Bosch takes advantage of the launch of this battery to present a revised edition of its battery guide that includes complete information on all its models as well as recommendations on storage, winter use, charging, and proper battery care to extend its lifespan and avoid problems.

This guide is accompanied by their battery checking tool so that users who purchase a second-hand bike can verify if the Bosch battery on their bike is an original model or, if it is, has been marked by Bosch due to having experienced some issue, ensuring that the use of that battery is safe.



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