The annual Strava event brings us new nighttime heat maps, dark mode, and much more

Road 16/05/24 20:00 Migue A.

At Camp Strava, the annual event celebrating the company and this year held under the motto "Moving Forward Together," the company unveiled how they intend to strengthen the global community of their platform by including several features that many of their 125 million users had been demanding.

Strava's new stage focuses on the dynamism of its products

The annual Camp Strava event marks the beginning of the first campaign since the end of last year, when the company changed direction with the appointment of Michael Martin as the new CEO of the brand following the departure of its former leader, Michael Horvath, one of the founders of the well-known platform.

Looking ahead to this new era that is now beginning, Strava has paid close attention to the feedback from its global community, leading to the addition of three of the most requested features by its users that will be incorporated before the end of the year.

The first of these is called AI-Enabled Ranking Integrity. As the name suggests, it is a machine learning system that automatically identifies suspicious activities to prevent users from appearing at the top of many segments because they rode in a vehicle or their time on those segments was due to a GPS error or any other parameter, something that, until now, users had to report and then manually verify to remove those times from the leaderboards if they were incorrect.

Strava also announced a new Family Plan, similar to the existing Student Plan. With this Family Plan, the aim is to involve friends or family members in sports activities through an annual subscription for you and three more people, which will initially be launched in several selected countries during the summer, expanding to the rest of the world from that moment until the end of the year.

The last feature is simpler but also highly demanded by its users. It is none other than adding a dark mode to its app to reduce visual fatigue that is expected to be present during the summer.

Additionally, during Camp Strava, the company announced other initiatives to, for example, promote sports among women, whose numbers are still significantly lower than men. To motivate them, as well as the rest of the general population who are not yet engaged in sports, Strava proposes strategies such as creating a nighttime heatmap that only shows activities done at dusk and dawn to plan your routes during those hours in well-traveled areas; new quick editing functions to make it easier for users to know what they want to share with the community.

Specifically focused on women, Strava announced a new phase of Strive for More, the initiative created in 2022 to promote and support women in movement and sports. Strive for More is reinforced by partnering with the company TOGETHXR to encourage more women to engage in sports and by donating $100,000 to the Alex Morgan Foundation, which also supports women and girls in finding safe paths in sports and in life.



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