Aleck Punks: headphones-walkies that are installed on the helmet straps

Bike Equipment 12/02/24 18:00 Migue A.

Listening to music using headphones while pedaling is prohibited by traffic regulations. However, brands like Aleck Punks come up with ways so that you don't have to give up music when you ride a bike without breaking the law with curious designs like these headphones that are anchored to the helmet strap.

Listen to music legally on the bike with Aleck Punks headphones

Among the things that cyclists usually do wrong, one of the most common is wearing headphones to listen to music, which isolates you from the environment and prevents you from controlling approaching vehicles or anticipating certain risks, all despite the fact that headphones are becoming more advanced and better designed, with models like these Sennheiser that even include integrated heart rate measurement

However, little by little brands have been getting their act together with alternatives that allow us to listen to music without the need to cover our ears, which is what really breaks the law. This is the case with bone conduction headphones or, like these Aleck Punks that we show you that more than as headphones, should be defined as small mini speakers.

The proposal of Aleck Punks is very simple: two small devices with tabs that allow them to be fixed to the helmet straps under the ears. We connect them via Bluetooth to our mobile phone so that they act as small speakers and thanks to being located close to the ears, it is not necessary for them to emit at a high volume to be heard clearly.

Like most current headphones, Aleck Punks have touch controls, usable even with gloves, that allow us to raise or lower the volume, skip to the next song or, in case of receiving a call, be able to answer it and have a conversation thanks to the microphone they incorporate and which has a noise cancellation system so that our interlocutor can hear us perfectly without that annoying wind noise that is usually perceived when we talk to someone who is on their bike

In addition to these features, Aleck Punks have a very unusual yet interesting function. They allow to create groups so that they can be used as an intercom, even if we go in different groups since the communication is done through the mobile phone using the internet connection.

These Aleck Punks weigh just 16 grams and have an internal battery rechargeable via USB-C cable that allows an autonomy of up to 12 hours of use. We can purchase them on their own page for a price of 139 €.



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