Absolute One, a GPS designed by Bang & Olufsen and ready to make a place for itself in the market

Bike components 08/07/24 16:15 Migue A.

With the advancements in cycling computers, many are now capable of offering full features. It is time to go beyond features and differentiate from the competition through design. This is precisely the path that Absolute has chosen for the launch of their One, a GPS cycling computer that has been funded through a crowdfunding campaign.

Design reaches GPS cycling computers with the new Absolute One

Although many of us focus solely on the performance of each bike element and accessory, the truth is that for many people it is not only important to have an efficient bike, lightweight and rigid components, or the most aerodynamic possible, but aesthetics are an essential aspect. This often creates a small battle between designers and engineers when developing new products.

A parameter, design, that cycling computers had stayed away from until now in a device where the most important thing was to have a good processor, full functions and connectivity, or a large screen to view data and follow tracks. Now, Absolute, a small company that has been funded through a crowdfunding campaign, launches its One model, which will be available in September.

The Absolute One has the peculiarity that its lines have been created by the same design studio that produces products for the prestigious, and elitist, brand Bang & Olufsen, an origin that is evident in its elegant black color, angular yet simple lines that convey a sense of robustness.

A simplicity that is also reflected in its functionality as the Absolute One does not have a touch screen but is operated with the three generously sized buttons on its inclined bottom part. In any case, it does not compromise on features, starting with a generous high-resolution screen with Gorilla Glass or a processor that improves GPS accuracy by combining readings with data from various accelerometers, clinometer, and barometric altimeter.

The Absolute One will be available in September and, although its price has not been confirmed, it seems to be around €600 with a battery that offers up to 20 hours of autonomy and a lighter weight than its direct competitors.



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