3T and Classified team up: the vanguard of the single chainring

Road 14/06/23 16:00 Migue A.

3T, the first company to bet a few years ago on the single chainring for road bikes, and Classified, creator of the rear hub with two integrated gear ratios with which they seek to eliminate chainring shifting on bikes, join forces to promote the philosophy of the single chainring as well as to collaborate in the evolution of this concept.

3T and Classified seek to create the most efficient bicycle

We have to look back 6 years to find the launch of the 3T Strada, the first road bike developed by the Italian brand after the creation of its successful gravel Exploro. A bike that broke with all preconceived ideas by opting for a design only for use with a single chainring and thus favoring the best aerodynamics.

This bike was ridden by the AquaBlue team, but the 11-speed groupsets available at the time and the large gearing jumps when using a single chainring provoked complaints from riders, so the brand finally had to release a version of its Strada with a front derailleur.

The arrival of the 12 sprockets has made the use of the single chainring more common on the road, especially on courses where riders know they will not need a wide range of gear ratios, such as in some Paris-Roubaix style classics with a completely flat course. However, despite reducing the inconvenience of having to choose between a sufficient range of developments or a correct staggering of them, it is still a problem that is still present and prevents the single chainring from consolidating as an option for every day.

To solve this problem, Classified created its innovative hub with integrated derailleur that offers two gear ratios to replace the chainring shifter in a lightweight and tremendously efficient system thanks to its wireless electronic shifting that alternates between the two available gears almost immediately, even when pedaling under load.

Now, these two driving forces behind the road single chainring concept join efforts in a collaboration that launches a new 3T Strada model mounted on SRAM Red AXS single chainring and R50 rear wheel with Classified's Powershift hub, eliminating the single chainring dilemma in one fell swoop while maintaining the tremendous aerodynamic efficiency of the 3T Strada's specific design.

It will also incorporate the Powershift hub, in this case, with R30 rim, a version of its competitive gravel bike, the Exploro RaceMax that will accompany its Force groupset. The Strada Red AXS will be priced at €6,999 while the RaceMax is priced at €5,999. Both can be ordered now on their website and have a delivery time of 5 weeks as they are manufactured on demand.



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3T y Classified se asocian: la vanguardia del monoplato